A Vivid Memory, Iraq 2003

by Simeone Miller

The middle east is truthfully a beautiful country. I’ve seen some great professional photos of places like Afghanistan and Iraq that are just so peaceful looking. It really makes you feel so sad to know that ISIS, Taliban, and Al Qaeda are ripping it all up.

The Rubbish

There are many summer months in Baghdad, Iraq when you look up into the sky and all you see is a solid light blue.  From one side of the horizon to the other, whether you turn your head all the way left or all the way right: light blue all around.  There is not a single cloud of any sort, nor a trace of one trying to form.

Occasionally there will be smoke or something in the sky, for various reasons.  And of course, there is that bright, burning sun rolling around up there.  But no clouds.

When I think about this, a very vivid and simple memory comes to mind.  It’s a memory of when I was 19, during my first summer in Iraq, in 2003.  I was reading a field manual on land navigation (I loved everything army at the time, and mostly still do), and discovered a couple of fascinating ways how you can determine, when you’re…

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