Flying Flippers Declares War on the Pikachus

by Simeone Miller

YUKON, Flying Flippers Capital- The Flying Flippers has already been dealt a serious amount of blows after their inception in November due to the many offenses committed against them by the Pikahus, in which they issued a declaration of war as of 10 January 2015. Ever since the Flying Flippers Army has risen at the command of the leaders Boomer, Oagalthorp, and Vendetta. It’s been seen that they quickly climbed up the top 10 at SMAP with sizes of 50+ with their UK and US divisions. They proudly released that they do have plans to assemble a decent sized ausia division under the leadership of controversial army leader, Elmikey which has already been negatively received.

On January 5th it was announced that the Flying Flippers would go to war with the Pikachus if they did not cease and desist their troop stealing, hacking, and botting during the Flying Flippers events. This declaration had been made just a few days after the Pikachus appointed their new main leader, Redbodyflip. The Flying Flippers leader, Vendetta, had released the post stating:

We have hereby declared war on the Pikachus army and we will eradicate them from the face of the community or until they surrender. We have received massive amounts of evidence that show that they are hacking, botting, and troop stealing from us. We have already won a war with the Takis with sizes of 15+ and we can do the same for this. We will make them surrender or take every last inch of their nation without mercy.

The Pikachus army is corrupt, tyrannical, and their leaders are abhorrent and a negative influence on their younger troops. Additionally, they have raided our capital with bots and stolen our troops to which we warned them that if word surfaced of their activities again we would declare full-on war with them. Clearly they are too ignorant to listen and attempted to harm the growth of this army… as of now we will take all the necessary actions.

This war, as stated, was promoted by Pikachus committing various “offenses” and for being a bad influence in the armies and on their troops. They also specified that they would strive to take their entire nation down or give them the opportunity to surrender. The Pikachu leadership quickly responded to this declaration of war with a post for their troops and the Flying Flippers.

We, the Pikachus have a very clear and ultimate mission to help defend and save Club Penguin from evil! Without our faithful pokemon in Pikachus, we’d never be able to do any of the great deeds that we’ve done. However, there’s a challenge to this! We need more pokemon here in the Pikachus army. How else can we fight the evil Flying Flippers army, Tusk, and Herbert. Now we have to ask all of our troops this, are YOU ready to be a legendary hero? If you are then join us today and fight evil!

In the early weeks of November 2014, both the Pikachus and Flying Flippers were both at war with different armies, covered heavily by Small Medium Army Central, which had ended in the Pikachus having a 10-2-1 score and the Flying Flippers having 11-2-1 in favor of them. They Pikachus and Flying Flippers both clearly annihilated their enemies before either signing treaties or taking their entire nations.

The Flying Flippers have already tipped their forces to assist in numerous conflicts in the “United Armies Defense Alliance” in war on the Light Troops as well as a few skirmishes with the Striking Raiders.

As stated before, this declaration comes just after five days after the appointment of Redbodyflip as the Pikachus leader. The current leadership of the Pikachus is run by Redbodyflip, Tome, and Ceriette who are all former Dark Warriors.

So what do you think? Will this war end peacefully or with hostility even after one side surrenders or has their servers taken? Here at CPAC we want to hear from YOU! 


CPAC Reporter