The Rebirth

by Simeone Miller

Hello friends and even enemies alike! My name is Simi and it is my genuine pleasure to announce a move that I never in my CP army career thought I’d have to make but it is time to make it. Now, I’ve been a five year CP army veteran that has crawled into whatever crack that I could find under the noses of all the army community like so many other great unsung geniuses that have failed to rise from the shadows but no longer… for I am embarking on a year old or so venture that I do not care what anyone could say about me in this quest. Long ago there had been an age in which an army so great had roamed the servers of CP with great honor and any who saw them lived in fear with their astonishing tactics. However, this army had two very great leaders that none could ever truly equate to regardless of creed, title, or even their ideology of CP armies was controversial but that didn’t stop us! I’ve made the bold decision to do something that so many had given up on and they weren’t true to the fight they supposedly dedicated themselves to and it starts here and now. I, Simi do hereby proudly declare that an army of a proud heritage shall once again awaken from it’s black slumber… and as it’s leader I shall do great things not for myself but for the legacy that will grow to become far greater than anyone could ever imagine.