The RPF Oath: Rebel’s Oath

by Simeone Miller

This is an oath I wrote up a while back and I felt it was appropriate I post it now in tribute and respect for what the RPF is, what it stands for, and why we stand for it as well as a way of motivation to our troops all over the world fighting against any army whether they be a Nacho or any other army of CP and so here it goes, the Rebel’s Oath:

I pledge my Sole Allegiance to the Federation

For which I serve with Pride, Loyalty, and Honor

I unite with my fellow penguins to Fight the Good Fight

I bear no Dishonor, Disloyalty, and Disrespect for my Federation

As a soldier of the Federation

I will bear true Faith to my Leaders and my fellow soldiers

My faith is Invested in this Oath as it steers me through all Challenges

I swear this Oath to be True with the Pledge of Pride, Loyalty, and Honor

I am a Rebel Penguin!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Image