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A Vivid Memory, Iraq 2003

The middle east is truthfully a beautiful country. I’ve seen some great professional photos of places like Afghanistan and Iraq that are just so peaceful looking. It really makes you feel so sad to know that ISIS, Taliban, and Al Qaeda are ripping it all up.

The Rubbish

There are many summer months in Baghdad, Iraq when you look up into the sky and all you see is a solid light blue.  From one side of the horizon to the other, whether you turn your head all the way left or all the way right: light blue all around.  There is not a single cloud of any sort, nor a trace of one trying to form.

Occasionally there will be smoke or something in the sky, for various reasons.  And of course, there is that bright, burning sun rolling around up there.  But no clouds.

When I think about this, a very vivid and simple memory comes to mind.  It’s a memory of when I was 19, during my first summer in Iraq, in 2003.  I was reading a field manual on land navigation (I loved everything army at the time, and mostly still do), and discovered a couple of fascinating ways how you can determine, when you’re…

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In a new bill that is being introduced, US immigrants would be citizens after joining the military.

I think this would be an outstanding thing and I am mostly for it. However, there are flaws in this plan because you have to acknowledge who these immigrants are. Some of them come from a gang culture and they can’t get out of that mentally. It’s important to recognize an episode of the Gangland television show that discusses a FBI investigation into the gang cultures of the military. There have also been stories from veterans who worked side-by-side with these people and couldn’t stand working with them. I have also roamed around on various forums, read books, and been on military bases before where I actually paid witness to the issue of it.



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Lest We Forget

Veteran to Republicans: “Don’t you dare thank me for my military service.”

This veteran has every right to say this because a lot of evidence over the past few decades clearly indicates that the Republicans are the ones responsible for the struggles of veterans and every American out there.


From February 2015. American veterans are beyond frustrated with our so-called representatives in congress, especially those who call themselves Republican. B8yE11ECQAAfBAp

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College Fraternity Harasses Veterans, Urinates On Flag, During Retreat at Florida Resort…

So much disrespect. I hope this fraternity gets some kind of disciplinary action. You don’t target veterans because you don’t always know what they’ve had to endure and you don’t urinate on a flag like that either. Especially when we should all know that it means something to someone.

Judge shields evidence in Fort Riley bomb plot case

The threat of homegrown terrorism is great and I sincerely hope nobody gets hurt in these.

Fighting the Good Fight

Well, I figured that since everything is straight in my life I can post almost anything on WordPress. I take pride in who I am and what I do because well, I’ve come a long way in life if you ask me. There’s been some adversities, excitement, and all that good stuff because what is life without it? Pretty boring if you ask me. Pretty boring if you lack a sense of meaningful purpose or just the simple directions to go forward with whatever you want to do with your life. We cannot lie to ourselves that we’re indecisive as human beings but that can’t always be so and a wise man once proved that when he had said that “you either fight for something or you will fall for anything.” A great quote. A quote that draws me to make this little post because I do have something to fight for and I will never fall for trivial things. My fight is the future. The goals I have made for myself aren’t going to be easy but I am confident. If you don’t want to hear a rambling story or whatever you could call it then don’t bother reading on but if you are curious… I advise you to read on.

Essentially, I have always switched motives in how I act around people and to satisfy my goals. People have heard me say crazy things over the years where I wanted to be an astronaut, a screenwriter, a spy, and a cowboy. Not all at once of course. Now you’d hear me singing a different tune about how the rest of my life is going to go and I think it’s an outstanding plan because if one lacks a sense of direction why not go into the United States Army? It certainly will give you the skills to survive that shark tank called life once you retire from that great institution. However, I do have a sense of direction so I guess that won’t fully ever apply to me considering my whole life has been laid out, plain and simple. Naturally, not everyone approves of my decision to become what is consistently called a “baby killer” or “american imperialist grunt” if you’re anti-american. There are also those people who fear for my life because people in the military obviously stand the chance of getting KIA (Killed In Action) but I am not afraid to die for this great country of ours. An opportunity that I may receive despite my MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) or job in the Army would have nothing to do with combat aside from investigating the violations of the Rules of Engagement. The MOS I dream of is a 27A (Alpha) but people better refer to them as the JAG Corps Attorneys.  Yeah, I am aware it may not sound too exciting like being a tanker, infantryman, or special forces soldier in the Army but who cares? I want to spend a large majority of my life in the Army and maybe become the Judge Advocate General of the Army which requires me to become a Lieutenant General (3 stars). The best way to enjoy life is by doing what you love. You do what puts you above the rest of the flock of sheep and stand out as an outstanding citizen.

US Army JAG (Judge Advocate General's Corps)

US Army JAG (Judge Advocate General’s Corps)

How do I want to get there? That’s a common question everyone asks me and I give them the exact same response every single time and it gets a lot of adoration from my peers, my teachers, and even people who are in the military already and have gone pretty far in the ranks. I tell them that I want to go into the US Military Academy at West Point and acquire a commission as a second lieutenant and then head out to law school so I can immediately become a first lieutenant. Sounds pretty fun, huh? Yeah it is but it won’t be easy and it’s going to require a lot of my sweat, blood, and tears but when I look back several years later I’ll acknowledge that it paid off.

What am I doing right now to get ready for becoming a leader in the greatest Army on the planet? I decided to become a cadet in the Military Explorers program in my city which follows the Army way of doing things. This is a program that has given me some great tools that have benefited me in school, at home, and definitely put me in the mindset for signing on the dotted line to pay back my country. This is a program that I’ve lead a successful career in to the point I am now a Cadet Sergeant and now I am already preparing to become a Cadet Staff Sergeant in a couple weeks. This all took me a lot of sweat, tears, and personal time to do and it proved to be worth it.

Cadet Corporal Miller being promoted to Cadet Sergeant.

Cadet Corporal Miller being promoted to Cadet Sergeant.

Well, that’s it. That’s my story for today. You get up, fight the good fight, and never lose sight of what is important. Otherwise you will lose yourself and you will become irrelevant to people who cared about you and tried to help you become successful. Now on to some of the pictures of me being an awesome Cadet Sergeant:

C/CPL Miller of the United States Military Explorers

C/CPL Miller of the United States Military Explorers

Part of my squad from the tactical road march I mentioned earlier.

Part of my squad from the tactical road march I mentioned earlier.


Me with an actual M16 rifle.

Me with an actual M16 rifle.

Me moving out on a field training exercise. My job was leading a small squad of cadets in an offensive on an opposing squad.

Me moving out on a field training exercise. My job was leading a small squad of cadets in an offensive on an opposing squad.

My squad and my commandant (the guy with the camo helmet smiling)

My squad and my commandant (the guy with the camo helmet smiling)

I was the California flag during a color guard at a Veteran's Day Parade

I was the California flag during a color guard at a Veteran’s Day Parade

Me back when I was a Cadet Corporal

Me back when I was a Cadet Corporal

Clearing Up The Smoke

Hello everyone! It is Simi here with a post that I personally feel that I shouldn’t have to do but in this case it is necessary. I’m trying my best to formulate my thoughts throughout this post regarding the accusations hereby unjustifiably, wrongfully, and inconsiderately placed on me by the Light Troops leaders who clearly don’t know how to listen and when they do the only response they have is by calling me a “faggot.” So let me get into the grit of it.


I would never truthfully make a site dedicated to trying to expose the already obvious racist, hacking, and homophobic group that is the Light Troops because that is already a well known fact by most logical people in the Club Penguin Army community. That is something I know. What would I even seriously fucking gain from doing this? Absolutely nothing as it has been proven the Light Troops are clearly never going to change and they’ll never understand that the trolling they do is socially unacceptable in a children’s game such as Club Penguin. No matter what way I’ve said it to them personally they don’t listen. Even I know when to stop trying to listen or change complete and utter lost causes such as Waterkid, Badboy, and Mustapha so I have. Let’s not forget that I am now more or less sounding like a broken record when I say this but you dumbasses clearly can’t see this undeniable truth: I AM RETIRED. With my retirement comes me not voicing any anti-Light Troops statements or any full on statements regarding any army because I am done with bullshit like this. The non-stop hacking threats, the DDoSing, the RATting, and inconclusive evidence that is used day in and day out. I do not give a shit what army this goes on in and that further solidifies my point that if I were to be Moriarty I wouldn’t fucking just target the Light Troops. Let it be clear that the only reason I would rant about LT on the CPAC comments and other places was because most places are public forums and most people know the truth that LT is currently the worst place to be. No army has really ever been in the hot seat the way they have. Not since the crappy leadership in DCP when it was Mustapha. Not since Nachos were racist and had a Fourth Reich. Something I strongly voiced my opinions about years ago.

The fact that you try to say I was posing as Ioio as a null is sort of hilarious. Want to know why? Here is why I wouldn’t do such a thing: I have a brain and I know that nobody would believe in a null ‘legend.’ So with that being said HOW could I possibly do something that I and so many others know wouldn’t even come close to working. Now to address the claims about me stating I had gotten a deeper look into the LT regime was clearly a misconception that wasn’t fully read which is typical of the ignorance in the army community. I had a friend in the Light Troops who wishes to remain anonymous out of fear of being accused of being a Dark Warriors spy since that’s common to be wrongfully and unjustifiably accused in Light Troops. They had private chatted me about some really funny instances regarding a fake Ioioluk coming on to Light Troops and getting the troops to “confess” to the wrongdoing in the Light Troops so I went on a null one morning to check this out. Lo and behold there they were… the fake Ioio spouting off how the Light Troops needed a revolution and all that great (SARCASM) stuff that goes on in the army community. The fact you try to accuse me of being a fake Ioio is very inconclusive to the point it doesn’t confirm me to be Fake Ioio, Moriarty, or any affiliate of the Movement nor does it state that I am not. So quit trying to fucking accuse me, Water. Let’s not forget all the rants I ever made about you or anyone in LT was straight to your faces in my retirement post and elsewhere. I never hid behind an alias and everyone knows that. I am not a wannabe pussy like half of you guys who actually do come on the Dark Warriors chat as nulls to either recruit, troll, or purposefully break the rules to scare off the troops. So who is truly the assholes here? I hope you know that one day what goes around and comes around. Anti-social fucks such as yourselves will suffer as pathetic 21 years or older bums still lying around in armies. We know there are people like that in the armies and I foresee it occurring with most of you.

Now to address the statements made by these individuals at The Movement. You guys are fighting what may be perceived as a noble crusade but it will never end peacefully or happily. You cannot change or stop the illicit activities of these foolish people so just quit while you still have a shot. What you say is more than likely true and I partially do agree with most of it but it is pointless in going on about that since as I just said it’s a pointless endeavor to put an end to the idiocy that goes by the name of Waterkid or Mustapha. You’ve clearly rustled the right jimmies so to speak in which now I’ve been wrongfully thrown in the crosshairs as is normal when it comes to Mustapha (he has obviously a low self esteem and results to accusing me, threatening me, and harassing me like so many other people so he results to taking out his envy and shit on others as a leader of an army in a kid’s game) or Waterkid who is as you said is a raging homophobe. However, you can’t change this and so it is best that you leave these wannabes to fight each other over trivial things that don’t even need to be spoken of. I leave it up to you all and if you don’t heed my address to you then I wish you the best of luck in whatever you feel is right. Whether you march onward as army freedom fighters is your decisions is the choice you make but I advise you to start browsing for other corrupt armies. Not because the Light Troops have said it but because there are even bigger fish to fry elsewhere. Just look around. Just know you will waste some valuable time in your life that you will NEVER ever get back. That is all I will ever say to any of you.

So hopefully this solidifies my innocence and if it doesn’t appease you or prove anything then I do not care, Anthony. You are nothing to me and your threats and homophobic retorts don’t scare me as you will forever hide behind the mask of Waterkid. You’re a criminal, Anthony. You and your DDoSing days will be over if you dare try anything with me. I will fucking have you wiped out through legal and logical means. It ain’t snitching if you do what’s right. Not that you were ever told or influenced to do that. I obey the laws and I know that you and several others are certifiably guilty of cyber crimes. I’m a much wiser and intelligent person who doesn’t do what half of you, asswipes do. That’s why I retired from armies. If you want more evidence of my innocence then ask Rocky. He will testify to the fact I am not on DW chat really anymore. I am mostly on xat.com/PokeFreakz.



My innocence is therefore cleared.

Flying Flippers Declares War on the Pikachus

YUKON, Flying Flippers Capital- The Flying Flippers has already been dealt a serious amount of blows after their inception in November due to the many offenses committed against them by the Pikahus, in which they issued a declaration of war as of 10 January 2015.  Read the rest of this entry »


So, I like writing oaths and creeds and other things for armies and it’s time to write one for the DW as I see it should become. It’s UNOFFICIAL but it reads out pretty well so here we go, The Dark Warriors Creed!

I am a Dark Warrior

A Herald of the darkest day and Champion for my leaders and my nation

I will forever be within its service and be ready at all times to fight for it

As a Warrior, I will always be ready to rise from adversity

No enemy shall strike me down as I rise against all challenges

I will show no cowardice or weakness in the face of my enemy

For I shall always rise when all light dies

By the Darkness, I honor this creed

For it is my Wrath that shall carry me forth to Valhalla

I will never falter, I will never fail, and I will bring the darkness



Sic Semper Tyrannis! (Thus Always to Tyrants)